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Apple Bars Date Filled Cookie Fruit Bar
Apple BarsDate Filled CookieFruit Bar

A tasty treat made with Apples, Walnuts and spices topped with Cream Cheese icing and shredded walnuts.

One of our best sellers. Smooth Date filling sandwiched between 2 Sugar Cookies. What a taste. 

An explosion of Fruit (Cherries, Apples, cranberries and Apricots) along with Walnuts in a chewy brown sugar dough.




Granola Bar Pecan Bars Genuine Scottish Shortbread
Granola BarPecan BarsGenuine Scottish Shortbread

A great natural energy bar containing Oatmeal, Nuts, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds and Choice Spices.

A handy treat if you like Pecan Pie. 

One of our best loved biscuits. Pure Butter, Sugar and Flour, baked to perfection.  




Almond Filled Cookie Apricot-Walnut Biscotti Raspberry Ginger Snap
Almond Filled CookieApricot-Walnut BiscottiRaspberry Ginger Snap

Homemade Almond filling sandwiched between 2 Sugar Cookies.

A good crunchy cookie with a unique flavor 

We take two thin Ginger Snap cookies and sneak in some Raspberry filling between them. Great flavor. 




Butter Tea Bisquits Chocolate Chip Cookie Cranberry-Walnut Cookie
Butter Tea BisquitsChocolate Chip CookieCranberry-Walnut Cookie

It is unthinkable to have a cup of tea or coffee with a friend without our Tea Biscuits. Made with lots of Butter and other wholesome ingredients. 

An all American favorite that just tastes great. One of our most requested cookies. 

A brown sugar cookie base with cranberries, chopped walnuts and white chocolate chips.  




Dry Bone Cookie Dry Bone Tea Cookies Genuine Scottish Shortbread w/ Walnuts
Dry Bone CookieDry Bone Tea CookiesGenuine Scottish Shortbread w/ Walnuts

A hard, crunch cookie, laced with Fruit and Nuts, and an assortment of Spices. 

Our smaller size Dry Bones.  These delicious cookies are found in every bakery in Switzerland.

We added Walnuts along with Butter, Sugar and Flour then baked to perfection and cut into finger sized pieces.




Ginger Snaps Gingerbread Men/Women Ice Box Brunettes
Ginger SnapsGingerbread Men/WomenIce Box Brunettes

A traditional favorite cookie with that unique Ginger flavor with a little sugar sprinkled on top.  

A large decorated cookie that is made from our Biber dough.  Kids love them!

Our full size cookie that Mother used to make. Made with Brown Sugar, Candied Fruit and Nuts. 




Ice Box Brunettes-Tea Size Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Peanut Butter Cookie
Ice Box Brunettes-Tea SizeOatmeal Raisin CookiePeanut Butter Cookie

Our smaller finger size cookie that Mother used to make. Made with Brown Sugar, Candied Fruit and Nuts. 

This cookie oozes Oatmeal, Raisins and Molasses within a great dough. 

Roasted nuts with creamy peanut butter in a tasty cookie base makes for a great treat. 




Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie

A traditional cookie in every way.